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Pop tart

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Acrylic and paint on vinyl.

Mooc Cooper

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Shadow II

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Stop motion

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Since i didn’t find a decent free flash gallery yet for Malu’s City, here is news. Ink on yellow paper.


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Hold me

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I dreamed you were holding me in a way that didn’t exist before. So i gave it a name. Happiness.

1000 words

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Every image I make or take kills 1000 of my words. This is probably why I don’t talk too much.  It’s upsetting that i can recall the most unimportant things i see, but never remember my favorite poems.

This is a picture of the sun. Sorry about the burn. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

If you can’t find your words I’ll understand.

Also hit like&subscribe if chair is one of your 1000 words.

Thank you.

Colors 2

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Orasul lui Malu

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Acest desen face parte dintr-un nou proiect la care lucrez acum.  Desenele sunt facute pe carton colorat cu pix cu tus/gel si fotografiate apoi. Dimensiune A4.

A pornit de aici: “…am concluzionat ca ideea pe care o caut cu atata fervoare nu exista. E rezultatul fabulos al unei combinatii intre filmele mentionate mai sus (La antena, Dark city), alte cateva filme de animatie, niste carti, cativa pictori, hotelul Dunarea, palatul telefoanelor si maistiueuce. E de culoare albastru/gri metalizat si uneori ruginiu, cladirile respira incet, ofteaza, se intind, scartaie, soptesc, dorm, tac. E un oras magic care merita construit.”

Se numeste Orasul lui Malu.


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M-am obisnuit

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Tart is art

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This one, as you can see from the frame, made it on to the wall. My wall.

It is made with acrylics sprayed with some transparent paint spray that makes it shine and gives it an oily look. It dries very fast.


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